There are some really easy ways to make money online. You can do some things without even doing any work! Most banks accounts now have an offers section, where if you spend on your debit card in certain shops, you will get some cashback. This is a great tip. I have a Lloyds account and make sure to check regularly. We love to use Quidco for everything else.

Quidco – use this link to join and you get £5 for free! You can then click through and use it for any of your shopping, from Ebay to Tesco. At time of writing, there is an offer for Groupon where you will get 100% cashback on cinema tickets! Its a no brainer.

Topcashback and other sites like your own work intranet work the same, but we think Quidco is one of the best. You should get in to the habit of using it every day. Are you doing your online grocery shopping? Go through Quidco first! Are you booking a meal out? Go through Quidco! Check things like travel or home insurance too. There are lots of options and it make a real difference getting a hefty sum back!

A great tip for cashback sites is to make sure you do actually want the service or product. There is a small risk that the transaction won’t track, or that the business won’t end up paying the money. If you were already going to buy the product or service, then that is fine. If you were setting up a brand new bank account just to get £100, and it doesn’t work – you have caused yourself a whole lot of hassle for nothing. However, this is also a way to get some money, if you do have some time and don’t mind the risk. You could join some betting sites just for the free bets, then get the cashback as well!

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