Working at home doesn’t have to be online. Maybe you don’t have a top notch computer, or you just don’t have the skills to write blogs or content. You should think of what you can do well, and how you can build on that. How about setting up a cleaning business?

Is the reason you want to work at home because you have children to look after? In that case, work out when you are able to have some free time. and then decide whether a cleaning business is for you. If they go to nursery, you can schedule your clients around that time. Or, if there is someone else that can look after them in the evening, you can provide office cleaning.

You need to make sure that you have all the correct liability insurances, and are registered as self employed. That is the most important thing. Research cleaning materials and what you can and can’t safely and legally use.

Then, you just need to get your clients. Word of mouth is the best way for this to happen. Start cleaning for a friend, do a great job, and they will tell everyone. You should create a Facebook page which you can share on local groups when people ask for recommendations. There are also often small local magazines that you can advertise cheaply in.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to clean properly. People want their cleaner to do more than they can. They want to walk into that bathroom and be amazed at how clean and shiny it is. Don’t price yourself out of the market by being too cheap or too expensive. Find out roughly what others charge and price yourself accordingly. If you use your own cleaning supplies, make sure you include that in your costings. If you are using their cleaning supplies, make sure you recognise the brands and are comfortable using them.

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