Another great business idea is to set up a dog walking business or pet sitting business. These can be really rewarding, both in terms of money and the great feeling you get being around animals.

The first thing, and most important, is – do you like animals? If you don’t, this is not the sort of thing you do just for the money. You have to love animals, and want to help them.

The next things, is to make sure you are insured correctly. You have to have the right liabilities insurance and there are different insurances for the type of care you are doing. You should also check to see how many dogs you are allowed to walk at the same time.

To get clients, you should make a Facebook page. Try to add some pictures of you with your dog, and with other dogs. People love their dogs and want to fully trust you before they will leave them with you.

Be ready to do a trial walk, perhaps with the owner, to make sure both dog and owner are comfortable with you. When you have some clients, make sure you are careful when you take on new dogs. Little Poppy the shih tzu might not be suited to go out for a walk with Bernard the German Shepherd. Make sure you keep a really organise diary with all doggy information.

Remember to check the current legalities. For example, all dogs need to have a tag on their collar or harness with their owners contact details. This isn’t your responsibility, but you can’t take them out without one. Likewise, if you have chosen to transport dogs in your own vehicle (you need business insurance) make sure they are strapped in safely and comfortably, or you will get fined.

Dogs are a really lovely animal and you will derive so much pleasure from walking them. They will learn to love you as a second owner. As you get more comfortable, you could take a trainer course. You can then expand your business by providing training to local clients. A dog walking business could be the best thing you have ever done.

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