Okay so you have decided to write a blog? Great news! First step is to purchase a domain name, then the next thing to look at is hosting. But have you heard of domain authority?

You can get free hosting if you are writing a personal blog that you won’t want to monetise. There are various options like blogger or bloglover. However, these don’t give you a full domain name and therefore you won’t have any domain authority. Domain authority is key to getting some way towards making money from your blog.

Domain Authority is a score developed by Moz which looks at where you rank in terms of search engine results. Think about it – if you were an advertiser you would want your sponsored post, or competition prize to be easily seen when people search for it. So its important to build your domain authority. We will cover that at a later stage.

So, to get the all important domain authority, we need to get the right hosting. Hosting can be low cost, and it can get more expensive. You need to think about whether you will be sticking to just one blog. If you know you want to write about one particular area (even if that is as wide as parenting or lifestyle), and you know you don’t have the time or inclination to create more sites – then single site hosting is enough for you. If however you get the blogging bug, you may decide to create more websites, perhaps in different fields, or niches.

If this is the case, we can recommend the hosting that we use on this website, Siteground. It has a package that allows you to add unlimited websites and even includes free email. The package prices vary but there is always an offer. At time of writing, the offer is just £4.99 a month, although you do have to pay for a year in advance.

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