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How Gavin Newsom fights for migrant justice (sometimes)

After two planes landed a few dozen migrants in Sacramento, Newsom suggested “kidnapping charges” are somehow in the offing for DeSantis, as his Attorney General Rob Bonta wrung his hands...

Migrant crisis threatens NYC's fiscal stability

At this point, Adams' best hope, and the city's, is that the courts agree it's finally time to end the unlimited "right to shelter."

Biden's border crisis is far from over

Evidence of the Biden Border Crisis Coverup grows stronger by the day — even as the crisis grows worse.

Narcan and crackpipe vending machines: White flag of surrender to addiction

In a fresh move to enable addiction, city Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan just unveiled a vending machine that dispenses free Narcan and drug-test strips.

BFFs Randi and Rochelle proved to be our children's worst enemies

February 2021 texts show how completely then-CDC chief Rochelle Walensky was in American Federation of Teachers boss Randi Weingarten's pocket.

Joe’s new green-energy crisis, Ron’s bogus charisma ‘problem’ and other commentary

Conservative: Joe’s New Green-Energy Crisis President Biden’s “green-energy policies” are “increasing demand for transformers and the specialized electrical steel to manufacture them” while also making it harder to produce them,...

'Good Cause Eviction' tricks will still wreck NY's housing market

Socialist lawmakers are still pushing statewide rent control, resorting to outright deception and bogus compromise in hopes of passing it before the Legislature wraps up for the year.

Legalized weed isn’t working, blame voters for 2024 trainwreck and other commentary

People “tell pollsters that they want other options on the ballot,” but “when offered candidates who aren’t Democrats or Republicans, voters rarely take advantage.” So: “The country may face disaster,...

Lawmakers are set to deal their final blows to NYers before leaving

No one's life, liberty or property are safe, they say, while the Legislature is in session. Good thing state lawmakers wrap up their session this week. Alas, they can do...

COVID-vax disinfo has weakened Americans' confidence in ALL vaccines

Confidence in vital vaccines has dropped a shocking 14 percentage points among Americans, and it's easy to see why.

Moderates win on debt-ceiling — despite Biden's obstructionism

That wasn’t so hard: The Senate on Friday overwhelmingly passed legislation with bipartisan support, 63-36, to raise the debt ceiling along with the first major rollback of federal spending ever....

Return of the Hochulmander: Dems are intent on rigging the vote again

Gov. Kathy Hochul and fellow Democrats failed spectacularly last year in their bid to snub voters and rig congressional- districts maps. So, of course, they're trying again this year.

Biden's lying: The migrant crisis is nowhere near over

The border disaster has gotten so bad, in fact, it’s becoming an insupportable burden on New York City, thousands of miles away from the physical border. 

Biden bamboozled TV networks into airing a purely political speech

When a president decides to make an address from the Oval Office, you expect a certain significance.

NY pols keep putting special-interests (and themselves) over their own constituents

This week Airbnb and some of its hosts sued the city over regulations that threaten to wipe out their entire business in New York.

Shoplifters are LITERALLY killing folks. It's time to end the madness

At a Home Depot in North Carolina, a worker was actually pushed to his death by a shoplifter running off with stolen merchandise.

Don (Rickles) Trump, Biden’s primary-elex woes and other commentary

The most recent CNN poll shows Robert F. Kennedy Jr. winning one in five voters, author Marianne Williamson at 8% and another 8% of Democrats supporting "someone else" in the...

Trump the COVID Cuomosexual

Donald Trump praised former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from his Truth Social account for his handling of New York’s COVID crisis by contrasting it favorably with that of Florida...

Right on, Mayor Adams: CUNY hate-speaker deserves condemnation

Pushback against woke madness is tanking stocks left and right. Voters should realize they can do the same thing to politicians who’d rather fight leftoid culture war battles than govern...

Clean Slate, even for murderers, is Albany's latest 'reform' idiocy

Hochul should use the remaining days to prove she won't tolerate more progressive overkill that threatens public safety. Or she can let out-of-control progressives steamroll her yet again.