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Why US men are falling victim to Japan's hikikomori trend: low testosterone

An estimated 1.5 million people — many of them young men — in Japan live in complete isolation, a phenomenon known as hikikomori. Now, as more young American men are withdrawing...

US is 'falling behind' other top nations as life expectancy nosedives

There was a time when Americans enjoyed a longer life expectancy than people in other countries — in the 1930s.

People are confusing 'poppers' for energy shots — and dying, FDA warns

“Make no mistake, ingesting or inhaling poppers seriously jeopardizes your health,” said a pharmacist who works for the FDA.

I sat on the toilet — and then my knee bones shattered

“I felt this immense pain and it was almost like a pop — it was really traumatic."

I'm a 'bearded lady' — after fighting it for years, I now love all of me

“I tried everything within my power to hide the hair and what was happening to my body which caused a lot of stress and anxiety for me for many years."

Why did gestational surrogacy just become legal in NY? What you need to know

Gestational surrogacy is when a person carries and gives birth to a baby for another person or couple, according to Cleveland Clinic.

Deadly heart attacks are more common on this day of the week, shocking study finds

The most serious type of heart attack, a STEMI, is most likely to occur on a Monday, new research suggests.

The top 50 US cities for mosquitoes: See where yours ranks

As America heads outdoors, hungry for picnics and barbecues after a long winter, something else is hungry, too – mosquitoes.

I get six week 'hangovers' thanks to chronic migraines

A woman from the United Kingdom suffers from chronic migraines that sometimes leave her with a "six-week" hangover.

Meet the support group who use sheep to help people

Two women from the United Kingdom are helping people who struggle with mental health by using sheep for animal therapy.

Exercise of any amount could help increase pain tolerance, new study finds

A recent study published in the journal PLOS One found that regular exercise is an effective way to reduce or prevent chronic pain without the use of medication.

Eye drops could help prevent kids from becoming nearsighted: breakthrough

A new study shows that atropine eyedrops, used by eye doctors to dilate the pupil, can offer hope to nearsighted kids by slowing the progress of myopia.

Why you should give a 'damn' about the health benefits of swearing

If you're not using obscenities on a regular basis, WTF? Though it's still considered taboo, swearing may have some important health and social benefits.

Grandfather reveals ridiculous weight loss from 100-day McDonald's diet

“Can eating a quarter pounder with cheese improve my A1C?” he told Today hosts. “Looks like it can because I was pre-diabetic before, down into healthy ranges now.”

CDC hosts COVID-19 superspreader event — 181 test positive

"I am sorry but I am laughing," Dr. Natalia Solenkova wrote on Twitter, with one user posting a clip of Alanis Morissette singing her hit song "Ironic" in response.

Brain shape may strongly influence thoughts and behavior, study finds

Your brain is more superficial than we thought. A landmark study found that the shape of the brain influences the way it works.

FDA reports adverse effects of off-brand Ozempic amid ‘shortage’

The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use off-brand weight loss drugs containing semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy.

Nude man with 'naked' license plate pumping gas stuns onlookers

He appears to be having a gas.

If you want a good night's sleep, avoid eating this food before bed

Sleep problems have been linked to an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack and stroke, according to the National Institutes of Health.