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Entire Texas town listed for only $100K

One lucky buyer will have the opportunity to own an entire Texas ghost town for the bargain price of $100,000.

What is Japan’s anti-social hikikomori trend?

Social media skeptics are throwing shade after a groom was allegedly caught texting someone as they strolled down the aisle after saying “I do.”

Groom caught texting during wedding

Social media skeptics are throwing shade after a groom was allegedly caught texting someone as they strolled down the aisle after saying “I do.”

Michael J. Fox falls during ‘Back to the Future’ panel

Michael J. Fox took a tumble during a “Back to the Future” panel at a fan convention on Sunday.

Bam Margera placed on 5150 psychiatric hold: report

Bam Margera has been placed on a 5150 hold after being found in Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

What we know about the deadly crash that led to sonic boom from F-16 fighter jets

A sonic boom was heard across the Washington DC area Sunday afternoon when military jets raced after a private, unresponsive plane that crossed into restricted airspace and later crashed.

Avoid eating this food before bed if you want a good night sleep

A new study finds that eating a junk food diet filled with sugar, saturated fat and processed foods results in poor sleep quality.

Bud Light marketing VP ‘can’t comment’ on Dylan Mulvaney drama

The Bud Light marketing executive associated with the company’s disastrous Dylan Mulvaney partnership is “not supposed to talk” about the ordeal, according to a pal.

Could buying this from Costco indicate an impending recession?

Costco executives told investors that recent shopper habits are sending tell-tale signs that a recession is on the way.

Restaurants are catfishing customers — and it’s totally legal

From the outside, Gourmet Deli at 90th Street and First Avenue seems like every other deli spread across the city.

What we know about Cameron Robbins disappearance

The Louisiana high school graduate who disappeared after leaping off a cruise ship may have met a grisly fate in the “shark-infested” area, a local officials say.

Video: Bruce Springsteen falls on stage

The Boss elicited gasps across the internet after taking an epic tumble on stage while performing in the Netherlands over the weekend.

Taylor Swift fans outraged over ‘Jeopardy!’ contestants’ ignorance

Taylor Swift fans are “Masterminds” that even “Jeopardy!” contestants can’t beat.

Chick-fil-A sparks anti-woke outrage after new hire

Chick-fil-A, the chicken sandwich chain, is now sparking boycott calls after announcing that it has hired an executive in charge of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Man goes overboard on Carnival Magic ship

A passenger on a Carnival Magic ship is missing after he fell overboard off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, while on his first-ever cruise with his wife, authorities and family...

Why ‘bed rotting’ is a new trend for Gen Zers

As experts and introverts continue to tout the benefits of self-care, “bed rotting” has become one of the most popular forms of recouping.

Jane Fonda throws award at director during film festival

Jane Fonda flung an award at Justine Triet’s back during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Passenger opens airplane door mid-flight

A passenger aboard a South Korean flight opened an emergency door moments before the plane landed — sparking caught-on-video chaos and panic among the 194 passengers in the wind-swept cabin.

Charles Barkley breaks Shaq with attempted Boston accent

Charles Barkley’s attempt at a Boston accent was hysterical, but it’s what he said that really had Shaquille O’Neal nearly laughing out of his seat during TNT’s “Inside the NBA”...

Target loses $9B following outrage over LGBTQ kids clothing

Target has lost $9 billion in market value since angry social media users called for a boycott of the Minneapolis-based retailer over its rollout of the “PRIDE” collection.