So you have decided to set up your blog, but you really need to decide what you want to write about? Your luck is in, as we have written a list of some great niche ideas for you.

  • Parenting – this is great if you have kids, or know kids. This can be as in-depth as you want. You could write about your own personal experiences, or those of others you know. You could cover everything from pregnancy to teenage years, but remember this could be pretty time consuming! You might want to concentrate on one age group, or even just on products. Toy reviews, book reviews, pregnancy products?
  • Lifestyle – this is a fantastic wide niche. You can write about almost anything here. This leaves you open to a lot of opportunities in terms of sponsors, but also gives you loads of things you can write about. Beauty, cooking, travel – it can all fit here. You can even write about children and parenting here too.
  • Travel – if you love holidays then this is the perfect niche for you. You can start by writing reviews about all the places you have been to, and maybe ask friends and family for their reviews too. You could also do product reviews – think suncream, travel pillows, clothes, airport lounges.
  • Food – if you love cooking then this is your niche. You can write about what food you have cooked and what food you have eaten in restaurants. You do need to make sure you take great photographs. If you are using other people’s recipes, make sure you link to them and never pass the recipe off as your own.
  • Home decor – perfect for the design conscious. This is a great way to get into Instagram too, using some hashtags and photographs.
  • Finance – lots of people need help with budgeting. This is a great way to help people with ideas on things like bills, money saving, food waste and more.

Now to write the content!

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