Its is so important when you are working at home, or you have your own business, that you ensure you schedule your day well. Its not just about breaks and finish times, but about how you fit in your workload and any fixed daily tasks. Here we will talk about scheduling your working day to get the very best out of it.

First of all, write a list of all your daily tasks that you absolutely must do. This should include domestic tasks too. School run, cooking the dinner, taking the dog for a walk – all these things are great when you work from home as you can do them without having to ask someone. But, they do still all need to be done, and so does your work.

When you have your list, schedule the things that have to be done at fixed times -school run, posting parcels, cooking a meal. Then you have some gaps in your schedule that you can fill with work and breaks.

You could do a daily schedule where you put in your tasks for that day, or a weekly one – it very much depends on the type of business you have. If you have a dog walking business, you will need to put your dog walk times in and work around those. Of course, no schedule is every completely fixed, and one of the best things about working for yourself is that you can change it if you need to.


Breaks are super important to put in. Make sure you put in at least a lunch break and an afternoon break. You should always make sure you take some time for yourself on these breaks. We have some great break ideas – my current favourite is playing Solitaire (or Patience if you are old school like me! You can go straight on to a website and play games like this Freecell one without having to do any downloading or any signing up. Freecell is such an addictive game that I try to play that one towards the end of the day, or I’m on there for hours!

Another great game idea is this casino one. We all love a big of gambling, but its never a good idea to do it with your hard earned cash! This games lets you do it for free, and it does still give you the same thrill when you win! Its really easy too, and you can even play it on your phone. Perhaps one for playing when you are travelling on a bus or train to your next appointment, rather than worrying about the meeting ahead! The same website has loads of games for you to choose from.

Or, how about some old school retro fun with a Pacman inspired game. This one is just great to play, as its easy and fun. Again, this is one you could play towards the end of the day, and perhaps even let colleagues or children join in! Pacman competition anyone?


Coffee is underrated – going out for a coffee is a great idea. You can network and also even work from the coffee shop. Starbucks has free wifi and they are used to people taking over the tables for mini meetings or even just working on your laptop for a few hours. Just make sure to keep buying drinks and snacks – you don’t want to be taking tables away from paying customers.

Once you have had your break, its time to get back to work. The schedule you have completed either at the beginning of the day or the beginning of the week comes into play here. It means you can still have your break, without having to think about what you need to move to next. Just take a glance at your schedule and get straight back into it.

Its also a good idea to share your schedule with any family members or colleagues that need to know. This way, if there are any emergencies, they already have your schedule.

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