If you have a lot of clutter, a great way to make money is to start selling on Ebay. The first thing to do is to sign up via Quidco and then start thinking about what you want to sell.

The first thing to do is look at what you already have. Everyone has too much clutter. Have a look in your wardrobe, and pull out anything you haven’t work in the last 6 months. If its not because its the wrong season, or its a suit or a ball gown, then you don’t need it. Weed out the wheat from the chaff. Nobody will buy stained old decorating tops. But brand new with tags items that you forgot to return? Perfect!

It doesn’t have to be clothes, you could look at every room of the house and pull out things you just don’t use anymore. Random foody gadgets that you thought would be used every day? Get them on eBay! Even things like unused wallpapers or old records will go down a treat. Its a good idea to check things like postage – prospective customers won’t want to pay a lot on postage for a cheap item, so if you have heavy items you are probably best taking it to a car boot sale.

Talking of car boot sales, they are a great place to find things to sell on eBay. Have a look for things like jewellery, popular DVDs or video games. Check out the prices of things like board games or Disney toys as you are going round, to make sure you will make the profit. Some people sell brand new games and toys at car boot sales! They perhaps haven’t been played with or were an unwanted gift. Its a great place to really make some quick profit.

Happy selling on eBay!

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