It is really important that you make sure you take a break in your working day. If you were a paid employee, you would have a fixed lunch break. You would naturally start and finish work at a set time, and you would enjoy a lunch break. When you are working for yourself, its easy to slip into bad habits! You must make sure that you are taking a break every day, or you risk burning yourself out.

The sort of break you take very much depends on your business. If you are a virtual assistant, you should make sure you take regular breaks away from your laptop. Why not have a nice walk to clear your mind? If however you are a dog walker, the last thing you want to do is more walking!

The most important thing to do is make sure you have some food. There are lots of quick and easy lunch ideas around. My top tip is to do some meal prep at the start of your working week. This saves time in prepping your lunch and it means you can have a little bit of chill time whilst its cooking.

As one of the ways to take a break, why not do some fun online games? This might sound a bit off the wall, but actually online games are a really great way to switch off and reduce stress. If you are playing Solitaire for a few minutes, it completely focusses your mind and stops you thinking about the next job you have to do. I love, which gives you absolutely loads of free games to play, completely online. No need for any downloading or signing up to things, just some really great games ideas. As well as Solitaire, they also have some fantastic retro games that again, just help you clear your mind and stop thinking, even for a moment. Have a look at Space Invaders for some truly mindless fun!

I also really love using their Random Play function. You get games that you wouldn’t consider looking at. I have just spent far too long playing Happy Kittens, a candy crush-esque game.

The other thing you need to remember when having a break, is to hydrate yourself. Too often, you are too busy to remember and then you end up with a headache. On your break, refill your water bottle. Add some lemon or lime slices to it if you don’t like water. You will feel so much better for it.

Have a look here for some other great tips on reducing stress.

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