Are you the creative sort? Do you have an eye for beautiful cards or invitations? Have you thought about setting up your own stationery or wedding business? There is always a high demand for pretty wedding invitations, for example. You can buy crafting materials from eBay or Facebook Marketplace, and then create your own designs.

Check out some other wedding suppliers first, to make sure you have the skill set. Brides will want all of their stationery to match – from Save the Date cards to Table plans. If you don’t, why not learn it? There will be some great online courses and local crafty courses too.

You need to make sure you get some really good quality materials. If its for a wedding, the bride will want thick paper or even card. Make sure you cost this well though, they are paying you for this. You will of course need to create samples which will be an upfront cost.

When you have a stationery business that creates wedding products, you can really adapt it. Why not create goody bags or colouring books for children to keep them entertained? How about looking at a wholesalers or even eBay again, to provide wedding favours. You could outsource some of this too. You can even create a bit of a passive income by providing other companies your bride’s details. For example, if the bride wants wedding favours, you could suggest cupcakes. You can then sell that part of the proposal to a local baker who will do all the hard work, and also give you a small fee for the introduction!

To get clients you will need to do some groundwork. Provide samples at wedding fairs. Create a Facebook page and get posting on local wedding pages. You could even run a competition for one lucky winner to win 50 invitations! This of course depends on your budget. Once you have had a few clients, you can ask them to share their reviews. Quite often, wedding suppliers will get custom from guests at weddings they have provided services at. This is because the guests see the finished product and want it for themselves, although often with a little tweak!

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